Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Truth about losing weight & body fat permanetly

Weight Loss:

Truth about losing weight & body fat permanetly

Weight loss
will often turn out to be easy if it is done correctly.
Technically you are said to have had a successful weight loss if you maintain your new found weight for at least one year.

But for weight loss to be of real benefit, you should really keep your weight, body fat percentage, as well as fitness at a healthy level for life!

But few people know the truth about losing body fat and how to keep it off permanently. This mostly has to do with how they lost the weight in the first place.

Unfortunately alot of dieting  techniques involve losing water-weight and muscle loss. This does register on the weighing scale as lose of weight, but the body is usually quick to replace it.

Succesful weightloss requires that you target body fat.

But do you know what you have been taught about losing body fat is mostly false. Losing weight is not simply about reducing the calories you take in. To discover what you need to lose fat click here to Go Beyond Calories...

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