Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zeekler? What it is and How to Make Cash With it.

Zeekler? What it is and How to Make Cash With it.

There are various income streams you can earn with Zeekler and ZeekRewards. There are two excellent streams of income wherein you do not have to sponsor anyone to make money. The company pays you a part of the retail profit share for placing one advertisement per day which takes less than 5 minutes of your time. You can also earn money when people buy items from your FSC store that the company gives on signing up. 
To fast track your success with the this opportunity then you can join the very lucrative affiliate program that the company offers. This includes a forced matrix that is infinite level deep.
When you join Zeekler as a free member the automatically gives you 3 websites for FREE and a FREE give away software from where you can earn money.

1. Shopping Daisy -This perhaps is the most creative software that Zeekler will give you once you become a free member that can make you money like no other program on the internet. This is a fantastic money-saving, downloadable web-based app and your very own Personal Shopper! The software will help you compare and find cheapest price of an item you wish to buy on the internet. You can give this software away free to everyone you know. This will help in driving customers and traffic to your website with your unique Zeekler link on every app you give away! When they buy using this software you get paid. -This is the main website that has a back office from where you run your business after logging in. By purchasing bids through your back office you become eligible for share in the daily retail profit pool. There is a very high revenue share... your retail profit share can grow anywhere from 0.5% to 2.0% daily. As explained earlier you do not have to sponsor anyone to start earning with this program. The only requirement is to place one advertisement every day.

3. -This is your retail store. Here you can earn the difference between your wholesale discounted price and the retail price listed in your retail store. No inventory, no hassles, no "garage qualifying". Simply promote your link and earn monthly margin checks on any purchases made by your customers without any of the headaches! Alternately you can do your shopping from your own store save tons of money!
You can multiply your money much faster by sharing this unique opportunity with a few people as ZeekRewards has a very lucrative compensation plan which includes a forced matrix. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to remain a passive investor and compound your money simply by placing one advertisement each day that takes less than 5 minutes of your time or see your money grow by leaps by sponsoring a few people.

4. -This is the penny auction website from where you can buy electronic, household, jewelry and many other items at a hugely discounted price of up to 99% of the retail price. If someone comes to this website and buys bids for bidding at the auction you will earn 20% commissions.

ZeekRewards is a program that offers you the highest retail profit sharing program on the internet. There is no sponsorship or qualification requirement.

Check it out at -Take the Free tour Sign up here!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Help kids Make Extra money For Their Activities?

If you would like to earn a little extra money for a group or club, sports team or whatever your into I have a great way to do that. Just ask me and I will explain it to you. I can tell you it won't take anymore than 3 minutes of your Skype id is michaeliam8
You can watch this short video and learn how

You can Join here -

Friday, November 11, 2011

Legit Opportunity

I don't know about you, but I sure get tired of programs coming, taking your money, and then failing. It happens over and over again - and the main reason is because there is not a plan, no true "business". As a result, I am avoiding matrix-type programs and similar sites because they tend to fail over and over again. I have looked at a number of sites and have spent some time investigating and/or participating in others. I think I have finally found a site that has an established business behind it. It allows you to actually start earning with no referrals. This for me is HUGE. I work a full-time job and as a result, have little time to spend marketing my online activities, so I really need programs where I can earn with no referrals. ZeekRewards does this very thing.


The business behind ZeekRewards is Zeekler Penny Auctions. It's a great site, where you can get brand-name products for just pennies - literally! Check here for my blog entry about Zeekler.


I started out as a free member back in August of 2011, testing out the system, trying to figure it out. Here are some things I have learned.

#1 - There is no marketing budget; as a result, what they ask of their members is to post one ad a day and provide proof of such a post. They help you to do this by providing various ads you can use, a number of different free sites where you can post your ads, and then the form you need to fill in, providing the URL to your ad. Once you get used to it, it takes about 3 minutes to do. This is the MINIMUM requirement to start earning with ZeekRewards

#2 - When you join as a free member, you automatically get 100 points which helps you to start earning. Each day, this will increase (depending on if you did #1), based upon the previous days' earnings. Sometimes this is a lot; other times, it's not - especially weekends, which tend to be slow. But every "point" counts. After 60 days, the points mature. You lose the initial 100, but what you have earned is transformed into VIP Points. These VIP Points are key to earning. The more you have of these, the more income potential you have.


Now to truly enhance your income potential, you should upgrade from a Free Member to a minimum level of Silver, which is $10 a month. I know what you're thinking - really? Well, can I tell you that I'm not a big fan of monthly fees, either. If I had to upgrade, I would rather it be one flat fee. But after participating in this site for over a month, seeing the discussions on Skype, reading the blogs of others who have upgraded and how well they are doing, I decided it was worth the risk and upgraded on Sept. 16. My goal since then has been to increase my earnings to at least $1 a day so that I can put a percentage aside to pay for the monthly fee. This way, the program is self-sustaining.


Now the other key to this program is bids. Remember, ZeekRewards is based off of their penny auction site, which is based upon bids. People can purchase an allocation of bids so they can get cool stuff (see my post about this HERE), OR you yourself can give them bids. When you do this, they get transformed into VIP points - so the more bids you purchase, the more VIP Points you get, which translates into the more income potential you will have. Bids cost $1 each, and you need to be sure you have customers you can give them to (if you don't, do not worry - join the Skype group and we will help you get your customers).


One of the keys to being successful in any kind of program is to have a goal. I tend to believe the the smaller my goals are, the more likely I will be able to achieve them, and then proceed to bigger goals. For instance, I have a goal of making earnings of $1 a day; today, I made 86 cents, so I'm really close to my goal, which keeps me going and pushing. Once I reach my goal, I will split my earnings into 60/40 - 60 to be compounded; 40 to be put aside. As my VIP points increase, though, I will be able to reduce this percentage. Others, though, may want to set higher goals and will be able to afford the $10 monthly fee or go ahead and upgrade to a higher level. That is up to you, but again, I am of the belief the smaller the goals, the more likely I will continue with the program.


Now this is just a small taste of ZeekRewards and what it can do. There's more "stuff" there than what I have, and others have posted well-written "how-to's", which I have included below. But I hope you understand why I am excited about  ZeekRewards. I am seeing my earnings increase every day; I don't have to have referrals to make anything; and it's a simple 1-minute ad placement to benefit. Are you excited about it? If so, please join me and together, we'll have a great time learning and earning together!

Try it you have nothing to lose if you need help just add me to Skype my id is michaeliam8. Or email me at

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome to ZeekRewards!!

Here is my business is a easy way to make some extra cash simply by placing one ad per day anywhere even here on face book. You just post the ad on your wall and you get paid everyday.I have to tell you that you can start for free but this is not one of those make 10,000 dollars a week things this is slow building,  but most people are on fb every day anyway so for me there is no mad rush to make extra money it's just something I do anyway. We even provide you the ad with your own url. If you would like add me to Skype MY ID  michaeliam8  we can go over it if you have any interest like all business ventures you get out what you put in so there are ways to make more money faster in this but in my case I simply can't afford to put a lot of money in. thanks and have a great weekend , mike hall , PS THIS COMPANY HAS BEEN AROUND FOR 14 YEARS Join here    ( about joining free)    (if you put $100.00 in and did not draw any out.")

Friday, November 4, 2011

michael Hall just posted a new blog titled This Has To Stop Now !.

michael Hall just posted a new blog titled This Has To Stop Now !.

I'm feed up this has to stop !

 All politicians are bought soon after elected they are paid far to much so much that it makes them greedy and the benefits are so good that they start doing anything to stay in office.
They say they deserve to be paid what they are worth out in the real world but in the real world they would make much less and have way less in benefits.
They do not deserver better benefits than the avg. person at all. They should not be able to vote on their own pay raises. They should get 4 weeks vacation a year which is far more that most people.
I mean lets get real the make way too much money for what they do they mainly go to meeting and do nothing they spend lots of time at parties and functions that simply entertain them while they try to make us believe oh how hard the day was at the luncheons they had to attend or the lavas gifts and pampering they get for lobbyists!! lobbying should be flat out against the law period !

 Please I’m tired of being played for a fool.

We the people need to put a stop to this nonsense now! We need to make the terms they serve limited to ten years with benefits no better than anyone else  no huge retirement packages simply because they where in politics if they do not like that then they need to go out there in that real world and try to find that big pay and benefits package ! GOOD LUCK!

We would be better served if there were more avg. Joe’s in office now most are attorneys and we all know the reps. they have.
We need to write laws on these things to stop this lop sided society we have become in these modern times. If our politicians won’t write them and get them passed then out they should go in the next elections.
By Michael hall