Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm feed up this has to stop !

 All politicians are bought soon after elected they are paid far to much so much that it makes them greedy and the benefits are so good that they start doing anything to stay in office.
They say they deserve to be paid what they are worth out in the real world but in the real world they would make much less and have way less in benefits.
They do not deserver better benefits than the avg. person at all. They should not be able to vote on their own pay raises. They should get 4 weeks vacation a year which is far more that most people.
I mean lets get real the make way too much money for what they do they mainly go to meeting and do nothing they spend lots of time at parties and functions that simply entertain them while they try to make us believe oh how hard the day was at the luncheons they had to attend or the lavas gifts and pampering they get for lobbyists!! lobbying should be flat out against the law period !

 Please I’m tired of being played for a fool.

We the people need to put a stop to this nonsense now! We need to make the terms they serve limited to ten years with benefits no better than anyone else  no huge retirement packages simply because they where in politics if they do not like that then they need to go out there in that real world and try to find that big pay and benefits package ! GOOD LUCK!

We would be better served if there were more avg. Joe’s in office now most are attorneys and we all know the reps. they have.
We need to write laws on these things to stop this lop sided society we have become in these modern times. If our politicians won’t write them and get them passed then out they should go in the next elections.
By Michael hall

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Ravenmyth said...

Love your post, I am a big follower of politics and all you say is is time the people stood up and say Enough...they have had their private club for too long and at the expense of the People...not to mention on the Peoples not get me started. Happy to follow...