Saturday, June 25, 2011

Skinny Body Care: A Third Party Review Posted on May 1, 2011 by James Sears

Skinny Body Care is a new and upcoming weight loss product that was just released in the market on January 2011.  The company features Skinny Fiber, their flagship product which brings the promises of burning away fat, controlling appetites, speeding up metabolism and increasing energy. The company states that Skinny Fiber is a revolutionary diet pill unlike any other and is entirely made of ingredients resulting from scientific research to bring the user positive results in the fastest and shortest amount of time possible.
Sold through a multi-level marketing scheme, Skinny Body Care offers its patrons a business opportunity in selling and promoting the product. As with other MLM companies, members earn commissions and other perks through directly selling the products to customers and getting other members to enroll and invest in the program.  The program offers five ways to earn income though a uni-level plan.  Starter packs cost at least $69.95 and $189.70 for the full business package.  Upon having another member enrolled, the principal member can automatically earn $25 based on the company’s fast start plan.  If one gets the starter pack for just $69.95, he or she would just need to bring in three more people to recover the costs.  The low initial investment includes an email service, training, live support and convenient methods for signing up new members.  The fast start bonus is just one of the ways to earn in the business.  There are more profits to be raked in by bringing in more people and when your downlines sponsor other downlines themselves.

The Skinny Body Care business scheme is a new opportunity, therefore, it could be said that now is the right time for those interested to apply for one.  The business looks promising, and early members could maximize the profit because the market is not yet saturated.  As with any MLM business, being the first to enroll is an advantage because one can get other aspiring members to be downlines and earn from their membership.  If the product proves to be acceptable to consumers and the market by delivering what it had promised, members will earn not only from increased memberships, but from product sales as well.

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