Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Review by Nifty

Recommended Features

  • FACT: A HUGE 80% of the initial order is paid out in commissions to the distributors!
  • FACT: Fast Start Bonus with Infinity Overrides
  • FACT: Earn Long Term Residual Income
  • FACT: Exceptional Natural Weight Loss Product That Works
  • FACT: World Wide Appeal World Wide Market Place

Review on 5 Reasons To Join Skinny Body Care

Why I Joined
Originally I was skeptical about this product and business, but after finally taking a look at this seriously I joined! This actually just happened this month, (May 2011). I will earn money because this company has a power line. I also signed up just 1 person and will earn $25 for my sign up. For everyone you sign up you earn residuals plus fast start cash. The company is growing by leaps and bound and is world wide. This is the primary reason why I'm building this business.

The company has a great marketing system already in place, great customer support, plus the team that I am on "Skinny Body Dream Team" is the fastest and biggest team in Skinny Body. I'm so excited - - there are so many free marketing tools in place. If you've been thinking of joining Skinny Body care, don't wait too long and join this team. You will not be disappointed like in other companies.

Compensation Plan
Even if you don't refer anyone as another distributor you will earn money, just for buying the product. You can sell the product and earn also. Just get 3 strong distributors under you who do the same and you will be building a strong team and making huge checks.

6 Ways to get paid

1 Powerline Bonus -
2 Fast Start Bonus with Infinity Overrides
3 Long Term Residual Income
4 Infinity Matching Bonuses
5 Monthly Leadership Pools
6 Rank Achievement Bonuses

FACT: a HUGE 80% of the initial order is paid out in commissions to YOU, our distributors!

For more info and complete details I suggest watching the video. I can't do justice to how I feel about this company so far. Have a great day!   nifty 
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