Saturday, December 3, 2011

My task is very hard!

 My task is very hard!
How do I show people that out of all the scams and schemes to get your money, that I, Mike Hall, have finally found a way and a system that works?
How can I show you that not all network businesses are scams and that one of the best indicators to a solid company is it longevity online?
I have been doing this mad search for a way to make an honest buck online for six years now. I have been sucked into many that promised the world and only asked for money once I got inside.
To me, telling people they can get in free is a wide open statement that people have come not to trust anymore. Another thing people are not trusting anymore is absurd statements like: You can make thousand of dollars a month, a week or a day!
Now, as intelligent beings we should all know that that is just plain hogwash! Yes, hogwash!
It has been my experience that only the person who develops a site is makes any real money and then maybe not for long. Once they have made as much as they feel they can, they send out a notice that they are having a little trouble with the system. They say not to worry and promise they will have it back up and running shortly. They do this so they can keep sucking up in new fools while they run with the money, leaving us with no recourse.
I have learned through the years that those who boast the loudest are the same ones you should avoid.
Sure, there are some that can make you some quick money, like cyclers, but at the same time they are time- bombs waiting to explode and take your earnings with them. If you are not in tune with what’s happening, your chances of getting burned are high.
For example, I was invited into a program a couple of years ago that my dear, lifelong friend asked me to join. The company even helped me knowing I had no money. They said this was like a fantasy come true and everyone was making good money depending on how much we were able to invest buying advertising for our businesses. Well, as with most of the programs I have joined, I was finally starting to make money. And so was my friend! He was making hundreds a week and was so happy, when out of the blue, we all got that dreaded email saying the owner was getting threats against his family, so he was closing up! What a shock ! My friends and I got maybe two cents on the dollars out of it. I lost only a few hundred, but my friends had just put in 8,000 bucks and guess what? Aas soon as they did, it was lost. There were lots of folks who lost that much and more.
So, did I learn my lesson? NO! I once again was asked to join another similar program and so being hungry for money, I started putting small amounts of money in and it was returning some money. So was my friend and he decided foolishly to throw his ten thousand dollar savings into it so he could get a weekly income of 1200 dollars. It worked for one month, then again we got the email. Guess what? We all ate it again!
You know, stories like these that one hears all the time make my job so darn hard! I do find a program with a steady growth and a long history in the business and now it is almost impossible to tell anyone about it because the first thing they say is, “Heard it all before! No, thanks!”
To those who still want to believe that it is possible to make an honest buck online, I’m telling you it can be done. Just keep your wits about you. If they say you can make 5000 a week, you know and I know that is BS. Then they will tell you, “No, it is for real! You just have to give us 59.00 a month on an auto ship! Well, my friends, you are going to be paying them that amount and more to get a return of a few dollars after hundreds of hours of your time promoting for them. They will say you don’t have to get sign up, you can still make thousands just through our spill over! That is the biggest joke in the business ! You will be dead and buried before you get enough paying down liners to make any real money. You may make a few bucks, but you have to remember you are paying them much more than you make in the long run.
Once again, sure there are some at the top who got in early that will make some money, but after a while, the company becomes so saturated with their ads and webinars that it gets almost impossible for latecomers to make it. But as long as the top people keep you paying that fee every month, they and only they will make money off any new recruits you bring in.
So, what have I learned? For one thing, stick with companies that have been making money for at least three years. It is reasonable to be asked to pay a monthly fee that steps your % of earnings up as long as you still have the option to be a free member and still make money.
Also, I think it is so important that whoever you go with, please make sure they have a real product to promote. IF THEY ARE SELLING AIR TIME, THAT IS WHAT YOU’LL END UP MAKING!
I wrote this out of my own frustration, trying to tell people about a real program that works! No, you won’t make thousands a day, a week, or even a month. This is a real business that takes time to build. It is a business that has been around for 14 years making money for themselves and their associates.
With ZeekRewards, you have recourse should something go wrong. They a have reputation to protect and will go out of the way to help you be satisfied.
I don’t have to recruit anyone as they don’t pay us much to do that. I think they give me 25 cents if you sign up under me.
I make money with them because I run an ad for their Penny Auction site called which is really how they pay us -- with the profits from that -- and so the more people who join and run that one simple ad every day, the more customers the auction gets and the more money they have to share with us. That’s it in a nutshell, folks, a real product that people love.
I would highly recommend that if you’re tired of all the fakes, phonies and scammers out there, give us a look. I am here to walk you through it and help you see how easy and simple this is. Do not expect to make money fast here; that is not what we do. Sure, we have different upgrades to make it a little faster, but for most who can give three minutes a day, every day, the secret to making this work is to place it every day. Will you lose everything if you miss? No, it just means it will take longer because you get paid every day you post that ad.
My fingers are bloody and so I’ll close with this: Give us a look. Know that you will make money, but you have to be willing to take the time to build it where you want it.
Thanks for your time and go make some money for yourself!
To your success,
Mike Hall
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del01 said...

Very nice blog about zeekrewards. I am a member also and am very happy with my progress. yes I want $1000 today but am realistic that this takes time. So far zeekler has proven to work as long as you place 1 ad a day and verify it.

Thank you zeekrewards.

ScottB said...

Very nice blog Mike... I think a lot of people can relate and are just a frustrated too. I joined Zeekrewards 6 monhts ago and it is the best decision I have ever made.... I am not searching any more as I am getting paid daily now for 6 months striat and it is so easy and only takes 3 minutes a day..... Simplify your life and join up with Mike... you will be glad you did.

Janet Hanson said...

I too have been down the road of empty promises from online programs.

I am very happy to have found Zeek Rewards.

The company is solid. The daily auctions at are bringing in good money, which Zeek then shares with me for helping promote the Zeekler auctions.

Quick and Easy!