Saturday, October 1, 2011

Write down your Why

Write down your Why

Have you ever been asked your Why?

It's a thing that I have been asked over and over again, as I am sure you have as well.  It really is a great question you know. It gives you a goal. It gives you a reason to get motivated.

One thing I have found, is it is best to write it down.  Look at it every morning.  Change it if your need changes or if you have reached one of your goals.

I must tell you, you can write as many things on that list as you want.  There's no need to write down just one.  Maybe you want a new car, a boat, a house, pay off your bills, buy your kids something they've been wanting or you or your spouse has a dream of going somewhere but you've never been able to get there. Have fun with this list.... keep it handy, wear it out!!

Plan your day to help you accomplish this....  I like to start my day with a little 10 minute exercise every morning along with my cup of coffee.  Do one or two chores and then get the computer up and running, look at my list and remember why I turned it on.  I love being able to cross things off the list as well as dream up new ones to add... You will find you will never run out of things to write down..  Go ahead see what changes when you have your list!

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