Thursday, September 1, 2011

Skinny Body Care Veggie Caps are HERE

Skinny Body Care Veggie Caps are HERE

Veggie Caps are HERE

With so many people joining Skinny Body Care from so many different countries, cultures, religions, and backgrounds, we have had a LOT of requests for a Vegetable Capsule to make Skinny Fiber completely vegetarian.

While all the ingredients in Skinny Fiber are 100% pure and natural, the product itself is and always has been vegetarian, however the way the current capsule is made, it can be considered non-veggie.

So starting TOMORROW July 1 as part of our next phase of MASSIVE GROWTH, Veggie Caps will be available for just an extra $2 per bottle.

So starting tomorrow, keep an eye on all order pages, and autoship pages to place your order for our awesome new VEGGIE CAPS.

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