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10 Steps to your Success in Skinny Body Care:

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10 Steps to your Success in Skinny Body Care:

1.     Consume:   Be committed to taking the product as directed if you really want to lose weight. Even if you don't need to lose weight you probably know somebody who does. I have 2 teenage children who do need to lose weight, however, they don't take the product on a consistent basis. Therefore, their results aren't going to be as good as someone who does take it as directed. I've already gotten some great testimonials from other team members who are taking the product as directed.

2.     Share:   As you start to lose weight or the person you've given the product does: Share... (Yesterday I had a good friend of mine post a message on Facebook that she's lost 8 pounds with Skinny Body Care and people were making comments on her status update wanting more information.) People will just start to ask you over time, what you are doing or your designated person is doing to lose weight. You will find that this will come very easily. Then you can let them know that they can also make money by sharing this awesome product that works! There are a lot of people who want to earn money and/or lose weight. You will find sample emails under Downloads that you can upload into your auto-responder to send to your personal contact list.


3.     Advertise:   If you so choose, you can do additional types of advertising for your business. We have team members doing Traffic Exchanges and Email Marketing. Also, Dana is looking into testing a postcard mailing and magazine ad. You will find more information under Marketing Tools about the different options that Dana and I have tested and found to be successful.
MARKETING TOOLS4.     Join:   Our Team Facebook Group. If you have Facebook, make sure to do a search for SKINNY BODY CARE DREAM TEAM (it is a group) and join the group. We post ideas, success stories and weight loss stories with each other on this group.  It has been a great tool in creating a REAL team atmosphere.  It is designed strictly for Skinny Body Care, so please do not post affiliate links or any other business opportunity or the post will be deleted.  We are trying to have everyone remain focused on growing their Skinny Body Care Team and incomes.

5.     Attend:   Come to every webinar or conference call you can attend. Being plugged into our team will help you in the success of the growth of your team.  You can register for webinars in advance by going to the Weekly Calls link above and clicking on the date you wish to register for, this will open a new page and you can fill out the form to register.   The GoToMeeting system will automatically start sending you emails reminding you of upcoming webinars, so please make sure to use a valid email address you will be checking constantly.  It does not need to be the same email that you are using in Skinny Body.  You will not receive any emails to this address other than those reminders.

6.       Invite:   You can invite any prospects to a Webinar or Conference call so they know we are a real team and are working together to help everyone achieve their "3 to be Free" goal.
7.      Recruit:   As you recruit new distributors you do not need to worry about teaching them what you know or what you have learned.  You will simply refer them to this website so they can plug into our training and systems.
8.      Develop:   It is important that you develop relationships with your sponsor and distributors. One thing that we have learned in our tenure as Internet Marketers is that if you develop a relationship with a team member you start to develop trust and it will make a difference in the success of the growth of your team.
CONTACT US9.      Goal Setting:  It is important to keep some short term goals and long term goals posted somewhere near your computer.  This will keep you motivated to remain focused in what you are really trying to do with your Skinny Body Care Business.  Remember that becoming a distributor of Skinny Body Care, you become your own business owner.  The best part about it is that you decide how much time/energy you want to invest into your business.  I would start with very short term goals.  ie...  Getting 3 Distributors or customers.  Having your product paid for each month.  "3 to be free"  Then making a profit of $200 a month, then $500 a month.  (these would be separate goals).  I would not expect for you to write down "make $5000 a month" as your first goal.  We have found in our experience that setting smaller more obtainable goals is much more attainable.  This way you will not become disappointed if you don't meet that goal right away.
10.    Have Fun!  Remember this is going to be Fun!
There will be more steps added as time goes on, so please remember to check back to this site often.

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