Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today, dad and mom are much more aware of specialized nutrition for distinct difficulties that arise from toddler and children’s wellness issues. Television influences the visual stimuli and given that the youngsters are not born with a preference for salty or overly sweet meals, they have to acquire a taste for them. Despite attempts to supply three nutritional meals a day, who says they will consume it. Youngsters are finicky and won’t sit nonetheless even though, the foods is ready with the greatest of intentions.
Now Foods has full Vitamins and Minerals in Orange Splash and Berry Chewable.
Little one Lifestyle Essentials has a great tasting Vitamin and Mineral in 8 oz liquid. Chewable and Liquids have come a extended way because initial introduced in the 60′s (I was there). Yummy Bears by Hero Nutritional Goods has Entire Foods Vitamins in a value size, so if you have a number of tiny types, this has 200 Bears with certified organic veggies and fruits, all the great types, even brussel sprouts, cabbage and spinach, different berries too. For the older types that can swallow, they also have a Vegetable and Fruit Mix in caps that have an huge array of vitamins which includes Green Tea, Digestive Enzymes etc. Of course breast milk is the very best for infants; nonetheless your Health practitioner may possibly even recommend a multi in liquid for tiny kinds. I find prescription ones not entirely full of the right vitamins, and may possibly also have other elements from the pharmaceutical businesses, that may not sit well with a parent, who would like a much more wholesome multi. Country Existence has Maxi Baby care with iron in a Raspberry taste, with all the necessities including Vitamin K for bone development. Twin lab has Toddler Care, fruit flavored with Fish Liver and Cod Liver Oil. Bringing up infant means a lot of diapers. With all the new sorts of diapers out in the marketplace including the plastic kinds, California Baby has a Calm Diaper Cream, with foods grade vitamins and minerals from Zinc, Tea Tree and Aloe, with an Important Oil Combination.
Boiron Homeopathics has Calendula Ointment to sooth sore tuchies. California Baby has a Bubble Bath for the sensitive types; this ought to be for all younger ones, so they don’t have to deal with artificial elements and the poor stuff from other sources. It comes unscented in 13 ozs and no irritation. They specialize in chemical sensitive kids, and have quite a range of goods. Now, you pre -moms, that wants some assist with nausea and feeling icky. Baby’s Bliss has a Peach and Ginger flavored Liquid, supporting individuals endearing moments. Babies Bliss also has Gripe Water in 4 ozs of Liquid. An amazing formula that works for individuals teething stressful occasions of discomfort (they say if grown-ups had to go thru that, we couldn’t do it). Hylands has Teething tabs for babies and a Homeopathic Children Package with 7 items for the tiny types to maintain on hand for any concern that walks in. This Kit addresses all the numerous ailments that we all have skilled while growing up.
Ear Infection, pain and hurting!
A Hot Topic in each and every parenthood, because it’s so prevalent. Recent studies of kids who have had a tympanostomy, an incision in the ear drums, to place plastic drainage tubes show that up to 52% of youthful types develop difficult scar tissue, according to Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD, author of “How to elevate a wholesome youngster, in spite of your Doctor”. Dr. Michael A Schmidt, writer of “Childhood Ear Infection”, wrote the fantastic majority of all ear infections involve no bacteria, they are inflammation and fluid back up, normally associated to allergies, mostly to milk items and nutritional deficiencies such as not sufficient Vitamin C. Hyland’s has Eardrops and Tabs for ear pain and burning. Eclectic Institute also has Ear Drops For Kids, just warm and drop in the ear. Wallys Organic Products has Ear Oil, Almond, Tea Tree, Garlic Eucalyptus, and Mullein (great for glands). You may look into Ear Candling, an old fashioned remedy that cleans wax out of the ears. The American Academy of Allergy and Immunology, says that a youngster has a lot more than 25 percent opportunity of developing allergic reactions if 1 father or mother has it.
If both have, it’s a 66 percent likelihood. Most are unaware that allergic and chemical sensitivities can trigger ear infections, a greater rate even in the antibiotic group, so be certain to give Natren’s Existence Commence for Infants 2.5 ozs. It provides the advantageous bacteria to restore what has been destroyed in the gut. American Well being has the Acidophilus in Liquid Culture 16 ozs in flavors of Banana, Blueberry and Strawberry. Youngster Lifestyle Necessities has Existence Colostrums Plus with the Probiotics. Colostrums will rebuild anti-bodies and kids may do a complete turn about. In powder form you can sprinkle on meals, or even take separately. Also drop in some Garlic Oil, odor totally free by Wakunoga/Kyolic, it assists keeps away vampires and possibly infections and parasites. For those that need more concentration and more focusing, much less squirming and fidgeting, Supply Naturals has Focus Youngster which contains all types of Phosphatidylcholine (brain food) DHA and Grape Seed. Jarrow has a Liquid Max Dha, which can be added to shakes and food. Natures Way has the Efa Blend Interest Focus, necessities for intelligence and vision. Because Calcium is antagonistic to lead construct up in children’s bodies and those that have a Lactose Intolerance with dairy, Region Existence has Tall Tree Chewable Calcium in Tutti-frutti Flavors. Peter Gillhams Natural Vitality has Child Calm and Infant Calm, in a unique proprietary formulation of Magnesium and Vitamin C, relaxing nerves and more concentration. In Schools and Daycares, respiratory difficulties often come up.
So when the Immune Program will need consideration Bio Strathy Liquid is ideal for kids immunity, all with herbs, vitamins and minerals and amino. Herbs For Kids has VI Protection Mix for all Viral Infections, very tasty with Echinacea, Hyssop and Lemon Balm. For more builder-uppers, there is Barley Essence Berry Combination by Green Meals Corporation in Raspberry and Straw berry flavors. It’s Youthful Barley Grass, a total Phytonutrients (veggies). For issues with mucus and coughing, Borecole and Tafel has the eight oz Children’s Cough And Bronchial Syrup for that deep growling bark. (We utilized to call it croup) Eclectic Institute has Echinacea/ Goldenseal, a pure antibiotic in a Strawberry Tincture, and Herbs For Kids has several blends useful for allergy symptoms, cold and flu. Don’t forget the Vitamin C in Liquid by Natural Ester C With Elderberry and Supply Naturals has the extremely hip Mega Child (a new 1) in a range of flavors consists of the antioxidants Spinach, Broccoli and Carrots (just what they adore to consume) What about Constipation and Diarrhea? Yerba Prima Powder in Apple Cinnamon 12 ozs, with Oat Bran and Barley Bran, put some in Rainbow Light’s Protein Energizer. Rice Protein, no dairy, no soy, or sugar, low excess fat, reduced carb, Chocolate flavor with a Entire Meals Base, and simple to digest. Even grown-ups can do this. Also good to fill you up, since obesity concerns are running rampant.
Throw in Genuine Berry/Genuine Inexperienced Bars, has all the Berries, and Apple Fibers, makes a wholesome Snack, between meals or component of one. No High Fructose Corn Syrup or Trans Extra fat Oils, lethal for kids with particular wants or reduced immunity. In today’s world pediatricians are now recognizing and acknowledging the importance of Supplementation. There’s even much more awareness in the medical community as several over the counters are filled with dyes, sugars and alcohol. Mother and father now have the capability to guarantee their offspring will be alright and wholesome naturally!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Skinny Fiber is really a 100% natural

Skinny Fiber is really a 100% natural combination of fibers produced from fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds, and tree extracts with added friendly bacteria and prebiotics. The product principal purpose is being without any grains which may be both allergenic and problematic to those detoxifying and trying to reduce body fat. Additionally it is without any irritating herbs found in other colon products and fibers that cause bowel movement by artificially stimulating the colon release a its contents.
Fiber supports lowering of glucose and insulin: Fiber content slows stomach emptying as well as the passage of food inside upper area of the intestine. Consequently, the two total quantity of glucose and the rate of which it can be absorbed is lowered. Since insulin fact is proportional towards the rate of which glucose appears inside the bloodstream, average levels of insulin and total insulin output are lowered by fiber consumption. Apple Pectin has been heavily studied because of its capacity to slow gastric emptying (great for men and women who are hungry constantly), aid fat loss, reduce Trans fat and triglycerides, and also diminish post-prandial insulin needs in insulin dependent diabetics.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Focus On The Healthy Stuff

Focus On The Healthy Stuff

Last summer, A lady called me about her frustrating attempts at weight loss. She said she had gone from diet to diet for over 25 years...only to end up fatter and with a slower metabolism after each "diet".

We talked for a long time, but the gist of it was this; I told her to "dump the diets" and start focusing on pursuing fitness and health. We talked about a few fruits and vegetables she really liked. We talked about all the benefits we get from fruits and vegetables and how we forget how good they really taste...because we're bombarded with fat-laden foods day after day.

She mentioned that she reeeeeally liked tomatoes... which also happens to be a favorite of mine. I mean I'm a tomato fanatic. I absolutely love them! I grow several varieties in my backyard and several types of cherry tomatoes indoors when it's too cold outside! So, we had quite a conversation about tomatoes. We talked about her focusing her eating on some fruits and vegetables she really liked and doing some creative things with tomatoes. I also told her to start walking EVERY morning...even if it was only 10 or 15 minutes some mornings, but to try toget 30 to 45 minutes in every day. I also told her todo a basic weight training program at home with dumbells.

Well, I hadn't heard from her in nine months and she called me last week. She's lost 48 pounds in nine months. She said she focused on some fruits and vegetables she likes, but went crazy with fresh tomatoes. She used over 10 healthy recipes that use lots of tomatoes...she even ate tomato hash browns (without oil) and tomato sandwiches for breakfast sometimes! :) She was so excited and said she has never felt so good in her life!

Now, I'm NOT suggesting that you only eat one or two foods, but I am suggesting that you find the delicious fruits and vegetables that you like and a few that you REALLY like... and focus on these wonderful foods that God has given us. These are the REAL, naturally low fat foods that we should be eating! We've forgotten how good so many fruits and veggies really taste...yes even without fat-laden sauces, cheeses, butter, etc. I challenge you to re-discover the delicious fruits and vegetables you really like.

Cook a huge pot of several veggies you like...they'll be available all week, without alot of preparation time when your hungry. Maybe mix them with some brown rice and squeeze some fresh lemon juice over them... there's nothing better! :)

You can do the same with fruits. Make a big fruit salad with three or four fruits you enjoy. Keep it in the frig for quick access when you're hungry.

Here are some of my favorites (and some resources)...

1. Lemons are one of my can do so much with them. My kids love squeezing them for fresh juice that we use for a variety of things...salads, vegetables, rice, to make salad dressings, lemon aid, etc.

>> FREEBIE: Sunkist publishes a fantastic free pamphlet called "150 Ways To Use A Lemon" - you'll find some great ideas in here. Call 1-800-248-7875 Mon - Fri 8:30 - 5:00 PST. Press #2.

Grow your own lemons and other citrus indoors or out on true dwarf citrus trees. Call Four Winds Growers for their catalog of dwarf citrus trees... 1-510-656-2591

2. Tomatoes are really high on my list...nutritious and great for salads, sandwiches, vegetables, sauces, etc. I put tomatoes on practically everything! :) Call these companies for their catalogs of 100's of varieties of tomato seeds you can grow at home, some even indoors year-round...

Tomato Growers - 1-888-478-7333
Totally Tomatoes - 1-803-663-0016

3. Garlic is loaded with health benefits and can aid your weight loss efforts by giving flavor to numerous foods! Call the Garlic Information Center for their brochure... 1-800-330-5922.
There is also a helpful all natural fiber that will help you in your task SBC

Monday, July 18, 2011

Where Diets Go Wrong

When we discover that we are heavier than we want to be, we have a natural inclination to eat less food. We may skip lunch or eat only a tiny amount of our dinner in the hope that if we eat less our body will burn off some of its fat. But that is not necessarily true. Eating less actually makes it more difficult to lose weight.

Keep in mind that the human body took shape millions of years ago, and at that time there were diets. The only low-calorie event in people's lives was starvation. Those who could cope with a temporary lack of food were the ones who survived. Our bodies, therefore, have developed this built-in mechanism to help us survive in the face of low food intake.

When researchers compare overweight and thin people, they find that they are roughly the same number of calories. What makes overweight people different is the amount of fat that they eat. Thin people tend to eat less fat and more complex carbohydrates.

Losing weight is not something one can do overnight. A carefully planned weight loss program requires common sense and certain guidelines. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformantion floating around and lots of desperate people are easily duped and ripped off.

Every day one can open a magazine or newspaper and see advertisements touting some new product, pill or patch that will take excess weight off quickly. Everyone seems to be looking for that "magic" weight loss pill. Millions of Americans are trying to lose weight, spending billions of dollars every year on diet programs and products. Often they do lose some weight. But, if you check with the same people five years later, you will find that nearly all have regained whatever weight they lost.

A survey was done recently to try and determine if any commercial diet program could prove long-term success. Not a single program could do so. So rampant has the so-called diet industry become with new products and false claims that the FDA has now stepped in and started clamping down.

Being seriously overweight and particularly obesity can develop into a number of diseases and serious health problems, and it is now a known fact that when caloric intake is excessive, some of the excess frequently is saturated fat.

The myth is that people get heavy by eating too many calories. Calories are a consideration it's true, but overall they are not the cause of obesity in America today. Americans actually take in fewer calories each day than they did at the beginning of the century. If calories alone were the reason we become overweight, we should all be thin. But we are not. Collectively, we are heavier than ever. Partly, it is because we are more sedentary now. But equally, as important is the fact that the fat content of the American diet has changed dramatically.

People who diet without exercising often get fatter with time. Although your weight may initially drop while dieting, such weight loss consists mostly of water and muscle. When the weight returns, it comes back as fat. To avoid getting fatter over time, increase your metabolism by exercising regularly.

Select an exercise routine that you are comfortable with and remember that walking is one of the best and easiest exercises for strengthening your bones, controlling your weight and toning your muscles.

Submitted by Joe R.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

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Look how much weight people are losing with Skinny Fiber!
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422Milly Whittle3
423Jim Vowles3
424Jackie Renfro3
425DL Marketing Group3
426Phyllis Jay3
427Surama Astacio3
428Veronica Sanders3
429Freddie Bates Jr.2
430Davita Mclaurin2
431Health and You ~Skinny Dream Team2
432Daryl Dempsey2
433Rollin Darbouze2
434John OBrien2
435onika clarke2
436Joan Williams2
437Elvira Taylor2
438Cheryl Wortman2
439Deirdre Adams2
440Erin ~ Skinny Dream Team2
442stan witsoe2
443Jerry Burton2
444Fernando Fuller2
445David Pitts2
446Janelle Gunning2
447Marlen Alvarez2
448Cathleen Robbins2
449Danielle Thill Skinny Dream Team~2
450Doug Boyce2
451Phyllis Arnold2
452alonda mcfarland2
453Juan pedro martin caballero2
454Et Mayfield2
455Wilfried Sauter2
456Jacquelyn Stone2
457Lisa Panei Werhane2
458Connie Silva2
459S. Jacquot' Enterprises ~Skinny Dream Team2
460Gary Whitener2
461Bruce Puckett Jim Eagleman2
462Hattie Bailey2
463Lakeisha Smith2
464Trenise Gant2
465Zoe Samuels2
466Mariana Aviles2
467Christopher Holt2
468Dewayne Murray2
469jesenia perozo2
470Marilyn Le Masters2
471Renee Keeling2
472Rodney Kemp2
473Mellisa McJunkin2
474Suzanne Greman2
475michele jaconette2
476Leslie Olivas2
477Pastor Bob2
478Quentonia Bennett2
479mary gaines2
480Channel Blunt2
481Sandra Hales2
482Katherine Estrada2
483Charlene Whitehurst2
484Jodie Simpson2
485Dorothy Coleman2
486gerald jagla2
487Marcelle Folk2
488Skinny Dream Team ~ Skinny Body Care1
489lorraine stewart1
490Dorothy Locke1
491Bertha Dominguez1
492Merri Kreider~ Skinny Dream Team (Team Heat)1
493Glenna Heisler1
494Gary Klepper Skinny Dream Team1
495Global Wealth Consulting Inc.1
496Lynn Messmer1
497Tony Hunt1
498Max Halpern1
499Sue Larson ~ Skinny Dream Team1
500Nelly Belnard1
501Keneisha Goulbourne1
502Toni Coleman-Brown1
503James Foley1
504Carmen Schwendenwein1
505Samantha Bush1
506Rae Lythgoe1
507Rick & Crystal Ingram Skinny Dream Team1
508Betty Frymire1
509SkinnyBody 521
510Team Belgium1
511Wes Warren1
513Sharon Tucker1
514Patricia Hill1
515Gracie Smith1
516Donna S Eichhorn1
517Vince Beemiller1
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